Friday, April 15, 2011

Ally Pally Stash

It was Ally Pally time again last weekend and my darling husband agreed to drive Mum and I up, I wouldn't have the confidence to drive around London, compared to sleepy Dorset the traffic is just crazy!! We had to get up at silly o'clock to go and collect Mum at 6am, we wanted to get there for when the doors opened. I have always gone on Sunday before and I was amazed at how much busier it was on a Saturday.
Last year I was quite disappointed with the products that were on offer but this year I could have spent, spent and spent! Thankfully Justin hasn't asked me how much I did end up spending and to be honest I haven't added it up (probably a good job). I did find that prices varied a lot around the room, distress inks ranged from £4.89 to £3.99 which is a major difference, also around the page punches Mum bought the swirling lace for £25 (it was the last one the shop had so I said she could have it and I would borrow it) then I found one at a different store for £19.99!
Anyway got some gorgeous stash, I got most of what I had wanted to get except for pearl swirls (my stock is seriously low) and adhesive pearls for Rebecca. Mum also spent well and came away with everything she had on her list. Roll on next April!
I met my friend Claire, we were both stood at the Scrap Revolution til and suddenly realised who each other was so that was lovely. She is a lovely lady who I met at the Sarah's Cards retreat last year and again in March. I also met another lovely lady who introduced herself to me and said she followed my blog and read my articles in SBM which made my day.

On a non scrapping note I am finally going back to work on Tuesday, I can't believe my last working day was 31st December! I have seen occi health and am allowed back but only doing ward admin for 4-6 weeks so that isn't so good but at least I am going back so can't complain. I had to have a steroid injection in my shoulder joint a few weeks ago which has helped with the pain, just got to try and get more movement in it now! The joys of being nearly 40 lol.


Louise said...

i look forward to seeing what you create with all that scrummy stash xx

Michelle said...

Wow! Looks like u got some cool stash too! I enjoyed Ally Pally {it was my first time} although I did think ite would have more 'up to date' things :)

Bubbles said...

That 12x12 paper you've got hidden at the back there looks beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with it :) Hope your injection worked well, and you're 'fully pliable' again soon *lol*

KraftyKaren said...

LOL Rachael you should try being nearly 50 - that's when the rot really sets in!!!

Looks like you got some fab stuff - I gave it a miss this year as I am supposed to be on a stash diet at the moment.

Good luck back at work and I look forward to seeing what you create with your lovely new stash.

Carol said...

Some lovely stash there, Im sure you will come up with something amazing. Wishing you all the very best back at work.

Carol X

Nat said...

So glad to hear you're going back to work my lovely :) Good luck :)
Sounds like you both had a fab time at Ally Pally! Love your latest lay out, the teacup images have my heart metling!!! xxx