Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Chuffed

I have finally finsihed my article for the Scrapbook Magazine, I won't tell you what the topic is so I don't spoil it but I will say it was challanging! I sent all the layouts last week and emailed the written work on Monday. I have really enjoyed doing the magazine work and the kids have all really enjoyed being in print. My little nephew Josh told all his friends he was famous as he was in a magazine and he took a copy in for show and tell. I know that there are so many talented scrapbookers out there that I really didn't expect to be asked to do anything else for the magazine but I was so excited when I got home from work yesterday and there was an email from the editor asking me to do another article!!! I am so chuffed and it gives me a valid reason to buy some more stash! My deadline this time is in just over a month so I need to get myself organised, I have done one of the layouts today. The topic is one that I love which is fab.

Oh yes and another bit of exciting news, I emailed a layout to Cheryl from scrapbook inspirations in response to an email and it is going to be published in the reader gallery.

I haven't managed to fit in much scrapping lately which is a shame, I really want to get on with some of the great classes and challanges set on the scrummy stash cafe blog. I have done this layout of me and the girls. It would be lovely to have a photo of the four of us for a change!!

This photo was taken on our fab weekend away at Saunton Sands, both the girls looked so beautiful. I used October afternoon papers. Oh yes and I did this layout of me about aged 7, prepare for a laugh...............................

Told you! This was taken in the New Forest in 1978 on our first ever Jones Family Picnic, we all met in Bournmouth and then hired a coach which took us all the the forest. We still meet in exactly the same place every year, this year there was nearly 50 of us. It is such a great family tradition and one that will hopefully be kept up. I used Sarahs Cards kit for this layout which had some of my favourite papers, Scenic Route!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday already!

I know I say this all the time, but where do the weeks go!!
I have managed to fit in some scrapping this week around the cleaning, washing and ironing etc. It has to be done or I would develop withdrawel symptoms I think! I did two layouts one that I am really not that happy with and one that I love.

This is the layout that I am not happy with at all, it was inspired by a great scrapbooker, Angie. Her layouts are just amazing but I don't think this one is a patch on her creations. I wanted to document Rebeccas attachment to her two soft toys Piggy and Bunny, both of which she has had for years and they have travelled the globe with her! Think I might have to give this layout another go.

This layout I do like and it came together so easily! I have used the same papers as the other one, October Afternoon Daydream range which I just love. The photo is of Emily after she had been playing with her hair and she actually let me take her photo which is a very rare occurence now adays.
I feel the need to buy some stash, there is something great about waiting for the postman to bring that pizza box packed full of goodies. Trouble is I am still trying to be good! I have got my Sarahs cards kit to look forward to but I need more!!!! Might just have to sneak a few bits.
There is a great class on Scrummy Stash Cafe this week, Angie has done an amazing layout using a pizza box, loads of paint and chipboard. I am definitley going to give it a go!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Scrummy Challange

It was my turn to set the challange for the scrummy stash cafe this week and I decided to get people to look at using diferent edges on their pages. There are so many differnt looks that you can create by inking, tearing, rolling, distressing or simply just cutting. Here is my example layout. I have used the Scrummy Stash Cafe August kit plus a few extra bits.

I had a delively from the Scrapbook Magazine today, five of the layouts that I had sent in for published had been returned. Seems ages ago that I sent them must be six months or more so it is lovely to have them back and I have to say they have obviously been looked after as they are in perfect condition.

This layout was for the designers gallery with the topic being holidays. I had two photos almost the same with the T-rex. One photo had Emily and Tommy in and the other Rebecca. I only wanted to use one large photo so I cut Rebecca and the T-rex out of one photo and stuck it onto the other photo. I was really happy with the result. I finally used some of my Love Elsie Toby kit which I must have had untouched for about a year!!

This layout is one of Justins favourites, I have to agree I think. I just love this photo of him and Emily, it was taken on holiday in Cormwall and it just demonstrates the bond that exists so well between them. Sadly Emily is no longer so little and cute!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Trying to be good!

I am going to try this month to be very restrained with the amount of stash that I buy! I find it so hard looking at all the lovely kits online I just have to have them, not sure that Justin agrees though!! It will be interesting to see how many days my resolve lasts, I have had to pay for my sub kit and the add ons but that doesn't count!
I have been busy trying to put together some layouts for the magazing article that I was asked to write. I am finding it really challanging and haven't even started writing the actual article although I have made lots of helpful little notes.
I have set the challange for the scrummy stash cafe blog for tomorrow, I am so enjoying being on a design team and feel so privilaged to have been asked to do it it has been a real boost to my scrapping confidence. Loved this months kit, cosmo cricket be happy, such great bright colours. I will add my challange layout tomorrow if I remember, I have to keep it under wraps until then!
I did manage a layout just for me the other day, mum came over and while she made cards I scrapped and we chatted which was lovely. I managed to scrap a photo of the girls from our trip to Saunton Sands in September.

I loved this photo of the girls they look so happy feeding the goat, I have to say they were quite cute but very strong!
Think I have got some other layouts that I haven't put on here yet I will dig them out and stick them on.

I did this layout for Angies birthday challange a few weeks ago on the scrummy stash cafe blog

Rebecca and had a jamming session on the sing star, managed to get some great photos of her, she also took some of me although they will not be making it onto a page!!!

I decided to use an older photo to go with these gorgeous papers by scenic route, they were from my Sarahs Cards Kit this last month. Emily is about 10 months old in this photo and I just love the looks on my Grandma's and Auntys face, so much love for her.

More fab prima dude papers, I just loved these so many bits to cut out and use!! When we went on holiday in August we went to a National Trust house and the girls (am I!) did some brass rubbing this is the amazing rubbing that Emily did!!