Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Fever

Yesterday was the big day, thankfully the weather was kind and we all had a wonderful day. Despite my duties as chief bridesmaid I still managed to take a few photos so I thought I would share a few with you. The first one is in the hair dressers (obviously!!) My sister and I were having our hair done at the same time so this was the only way I could take photos of her! 

 Emily and Justin, she looked absolutley stunning and so grown up.
 Rebecca and Justin, I know I sound repeatative but she also looked stunning and so grown up!!
 The girls and Josh, their cousin.
 When Justin and I got married 17 years ago the one thing I really wish we had arranged was a horse and carriage so I was so chuffed when Ruth said they had arranged one for their day and the girls and I would be taken to the church in it. It was only a short distance but it was amazing, Mum came in with us too and she absolutley loved it. Can you tell the girls enjoyed it?
 In the church. Ruth and Pete were signing  the registers so it was an ideal opportunity to take some snaps.
 Outside the church.
 My lovely Mum with the girls and I.
 Mum and Dad had these little icing people made by the company who did the cake. Mum took a photo of Ruth's dress up to them so they could copy it and told them what Pete and Josh would be wearing. I think they are just adorable.
 By the time we got to the reception the wind had got up a bit and it was a bit chilly! Thankfully the sun came out later but at this point the girls were a bit cold. Rebecca had travelled in the horse and carriage with Ruth, Pete and Josh to the venue and they had started with the roof down so she was chilled to the bone poor thing. A few minutes under the heaters in the marque soon thawed her out though.
 I love this photo of the girls and Josh, he absolutley adores his cousins and I just love how this photo has captured them both taking care of him.
 A family shot.
 My gorgeous girls. The marque was lovely as it had big windows in the side which if it had been really hot could have been taken down. It meant that we could see the scenery around us, behind the top table was a field of sheep and the white horse cut into the hill side. It made a really lovely back drop.
 Both the girls have got the most beautiful eyes and when Rebecca was looking up at me I just had to capture that look and then of course I had to do the same for Emily!

 The happy couple, Mr and Mrs Dean. They are so right for each other and just so totally in love, although we make fun of them it is lovely to see and we wouldn't have them any other way.
The speeched reduced most of the guests to tears, first was my Dad who made a lovely speech about Ruth. He was followed by Pete who reduced me to tears with what he said about Ruth (in a good way lol) and then Josh stood up to say a few words about how much he loved his Mummy and Daddy and how they were all going to be a family now and he was never going to leave because he loved them so much, well that was it, tissues all round lol. 
 This made me laugh, Rebecca had done really well all day at being a grown up but playing with the little ones was just too much to resist despite being in an expensive dress and high heels! You go girl xxx

I have never really scrapped many wedding photos so I am looking forward to having some fun with these. Ruth and Pete would like me to make them a page and frame it which I am really looking forward to doing and I can't wait to see the official photos, Josie is such a talented photographer ( she did our family photo shoot back in November last year).


Jill said...

Oooh Rachael, don't you all look a treat!! Really love that colour. So pleased you all had a good day. Jill x

Lelly said...

What beautiful photos Rachael and you all look gorgeous

TG said...

You and the girls look stunning Rachael. Your dresses are a gorgeous colour, and your sister looked beautiful.
Glad to here the weather was kind too. Looking forward to seeing the wedding LO's.
See you soon,
Hugs Tracy x

gwyneth said...

Wow Rachael, you all looked absolutely stunning, that a beautiful colour.Photos are pretty darn good too ) ha ha ) no seriously you've got some gorgeous ones there, clever girl.
Can't wait to see the page you'll come up with of Rebecca practising her monkey tricks ( ha ha )fab shot !!

Ann said...

I love your 'unstaged' photos. They really capture the day. The girls look beautiful in every shot, and yes, they do have lovely eyes ;)

Louise said...

Gorgeous photos, you all look beautiful xx I too look forward to seeing the wedding layouts xx

Amanda said...

you have two beautiful girls there and you all looked amazing love the colour of the dresses glad everyone had a great day cant wait to see what los you produce with the photos

Lisa said...

What a beautiful day and the dresses are all stunning but I think my fave pic is the last one of Rebecca swinging like a monkey!! That young lady has style, panache, looks and bags of character!

Lisa xx

Jackie xxx said...

WOW - love all the photos, looks like you had a great day. So looking forward to seeing what your layouts will be like.

Janice xxxx said...

you have such beautiful girls Rrrach. Oh, and you didn't look too shabby either ;)

Louise said...

Oh WOW Rachael... you all looked stunning! The colour of your dresses was gorgeous, and with Emily's hair colour... WOW WOW WOW!!!
Can't wait to see these scrapped.