Saturday, June 23, 2012

Harry Potter Studios!

In the half term a few weeks ago we took the girls to the Harry Potter Studios just outside London, Emily is a huge Harry Potter fan and was extremely excited about seeing all the sets, costumes and props that her hero's actually used in the films. We weren't quite sure what to expect but we certainly weren't disappointed, we had a great time there. As you would expect I did take lots of photos but inside the studios it was quite dark and although I took my large flash it was still a bit dark to get good photos.

The outside of the studios..

After an introduction by one of the guides and then a short film presentation we were led into the great hall, it was just like stepping into the film (as long as you didn't look up, there was no night sky or candles just studio lights lol) It all looked so real, you could honestly believe that the walls were solid stone intricately carved, it was amazing!

Emily has a bit of a soft spot for poor little Dobby and we found him in a glass case complete with his blood stained shirt after being stabbed by Bellatrix. He looked so real and even had a hairy little chin which we had never noticed in the films.

Outside we got to see the Hogwarts bridge, the Night bus, Privit Drive, the Weasleys car, Hagrids bike and side car and the Potters cottage. The girls thought they would go for a little drive in the car....

Apparently for the first film they used a real house for Privit Drive but then decided to build one in the studios.

Diagon Alley was one of the best parts of the tour, we walked around a corner and stepped into Diagon Alley it was really atmospheric and just like the Great Hall was like stepping into the film.

Justin trying to choose a wand or rather seeing which wand was going to choose him!

At the end of the Great Hall they had the costumes that a lot of the teachers wore.

We had to try Butter Beer, it was a bit weird I have to say, the top was like a creamy caramel and the bottom was a fizzy liquid which didn't taste like anything else I have tasted!! It was OK but not something we would rave over lol.

Sorry to disappoint all Harry Potter fans but Hogwarts School doesn't really exist, all of the outdoor shots of the castle were filmed using this massive model! It is amazing, the attention to detail was fantastic!

In the Ministry of Magic there are loads and loads of tiles, they look so real but are actually made of MDF and then coated with lots of layers of paint in a really expensive paint process.

Some of the props from the film.

Inside Dumbledore's Office.

These props looked good enough to eat!

Emily really wanted to buy herself a Gryffindor cardigan and tie but it was so expensive in the shop so she settled for a scarf instead. She did try them on though.

Rebecca bought some Every Flavour Bertie Botts beans and when we got home Emily, her friend Bryony (also a Harry Potter fan) and Rebecca tried some of them. I haven't laughed quite so much in a long time watching their faces as they ate vomit, bogey, ear wax, earth worm, sausage and dirt flavour beans!

If you get the chance to go to the studios it is well worth a visit even if you aren't a Harry Potter fan, if you have seen the films it is really interesting to see how it was made, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.


Romy said...

I really enjoyed getting a peek behind the Harry Potter scenes by seeing your photos. It's so awesome to see how these movies are being made. I actually hoped Hogwarts would be a real building;) - it looks so magical. The photos of the girls tasting the beans are hilarious. I wonder how the makers of these beans actually know the taste of vomit. Lol!
Thank you so much for sharing the photos:)

Christine said...

It looks amazing and I'm thrilled that I'm going with my son in December. Thanks for sharing the photos :)

gwyneth said...

Loos like you all had a fab time. Lovely photos and I love the last few, tasting the food ( ha ha )

gwyneth said...

Oops! that should say looks not loos LOL

Louise said...

I enjoyed your tour in photos. Looks like a great day out...will have to put it on my list for the boys xx

Jill said...

Ha looks as if you all had a great time!! Jill x

hotpotato said...

Loved your photos, we go on the 18th July as me, my hubby my DD Emily and her friend Hannah are big HP fans too, I can't wait as I've heard such good feedback on it.

Sam said...

Ohhh I may have to take my kiddies and go there, although I'm the only real Harry Potter fan. I laughed out loud at the Bertie Botts beans!!

Julia said...

Now I know what all the adverts are about! TFS these Rachael - I think this is a must for us as we are huge HP fans (and huge Dobby fans tell Emily!! - he often gets quoted in our house!) Some great scrapping pics there too x