Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics Are Here

After 7 years of preparation and anticipation the Olympics are here! I remember when we were chosen to host the 2012 Olympics and thinking gosh the girls will be 17 and 15 by then, how quickly those years have gone by.
We had our own opening ceremony in Weymouth on Friday which Justin and I went over to after work, there was a great atmosphere on the beach with lots of live acts performing and links with the opening ceremony in London on the big screen.

We went up the Weymouth Tower and had a great view over Weymouth and Portland, the sun was really bright so there was a bit of reflection on the glass taking photos.

We had a wander around the harbour and just saw the backs of Team GB going across the harbour making their way to the stage on the beach. All the boats in the harbour are decorated with Olympic bunting which looks really good.

One of the acts on stage..

On Sunday we had a walk around the cliffs to see if we could see the Olympic sailing and we did catch a glimps of them out in the bay.....all be it a bit distant!

On Monday we decided to go across to Weymouth again to watch the sailing on the screen and soak up the atmosphere. We were really surprised at how quiet it was, I think there has been so much info about how bad the traffic is going to be people are staying away. Anyone who has been to Weymouth in the height of the summer knows that it is usually pretty bad with all the holiday makers so the thought of it being worse than that has kept people away I think. A real shame because there is so much to see and do and it is so easy to get around!
This was the scene at the Live Site on Monday...

We were approached on the beach by the BBC and asked if they could interview us! We appeared on the news later that night, the girls happened to be watching it and recorded our 5 minutes of fame lol. I was so cross with myself later than night as I accidently deleted it!!! I couldn't believe it, I wasn't happy :(

If it stops raining we are hoping to go back over to Weymouth and try and get a bit closer to the sailing event.


Shell said...

Thanx for sharing ur pic Rachael! I luv seeing them & reading about the Olympics. It sounds like u really making the most out of this oppertunity! wot a bummer that u deleted the interview!

Julia said...

Wow - get you on the TV! I need your autograph now lol! It's so great you have been able to soak up the atmosphere on your doorstep :)

Louise said...

wow Rachael..... you still have a photo of your claim to fame to scrap though! briliant photos x

Jill said...

Wow Rachael, sounds like it's all fun in Weymouth then! Jill x

Jackie xxx said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, have you tried to find the TV clip on iplayer?

Rachael Funnell said...

These photo's look FANTASTIC....
How COOL to be on the TV!! I love how you have taken a photo of it!!!