Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Bit Ambitious?

Yesterday Rebecca and I decided to cycle into Weymouth to go and watch more of the Olympic sailing, now considering I haven't been on a bike for quite a few years I was a bit worried I was being a bit ambitious thinking I would be able to cycle the 7 miles there and then back again!! It was perfect weather, sunny and warm but with a lovely breeze.
I had to stop here to take a photo looking back over towards Portland, the sun was shimmering on the water it was so beautiful.
 Our second stop was at Sandsfoot Castle, one of Henry VIII device forts built in 1530, a lot of the castle has fallen into the sea and until recently was fenced off to protect the public from falling rocks. In 2011 a lottery grant paid to make the castle safe and now we can walk around inside and enjoy the gorgeous views.
 On our way again!
 The Olympic sailing, we watched Finland and Russian Federation, again I didn't have a clue exactly what they were doing but the atmosphere was great so it really didn't matter.
 Picnic stop on our way home, I was very surprised at how well we both managed to cover the miles and it was lovely chatting, cycling and admiring the views. A very special memory. What is even more surprising is that I'm not at all stiff this morning, lol maybe I'm not as old as I think!


gwyneth said...

Sounds like a lovely day Rachael. We'll see you in the Velodrome at Rio in 2016 then will we ?!!!!!
Hope you're well :)

Elaine said...

Well done to the both of you, that's quite a distance, but such a nice day to do it on. X

Louise said...

sounds like the Olympics inspired you to ride lol! good on you I only got around to thinking about it x nice pics x

Sandra said...

What a great day to share, well done you.