Saturday, January 9, 2010

Making Cards

Making cards isn't really my thing but Rebecca recently started to make some and has been really enjoying it. She has been using some stamped images that she had been given but we thought she might like to try the little Tilda images as they are so sweet. We bought her a few stamped images for her stocking at Christmas and we decided that as today was soooo cold it was the perfect day to have a go at making cards with them.
My effort

Rebecca's card, she has done such a brilliant job. She designed it all herself (except for having a bit of advice when she had a bit of a glue disaster trying to secure the string down the side).


Jill said...

I think that is really cute! The Tilda's are such lovely (and useful) images.

Claire Crompton said...

Great cards especially Rebecca's :).


Kerry said...

Lovely cards, what a great stocking gift!