Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photo editing.

For ages now I have wanted to be able to edit my photos more but have never really know what editing software to buy or how to go about it. At our family picnic on Saturday I was chatting to my cousin and her husband has just bought Photoshop Elements 7 so I decided to download the trial version and give it a go. I think I need to buy one of those books for dummies as it took me ages to figure our how to do this!! Anyway I am so pleased with the results.

Rebecca at my cousins wedding back in 2004. The rose looks almost too red but I haven't changed the colour at all!

I absolutely love this photo of Emily and have scrapped it quite a few time already but I think it will be being scrapped again!! She really has got the most amazing blue eyes.

TFL xx


Jill said...

Wow Rachael, that is brilliant. Mmm... am sure I could never do that!

Anonymous said...

Yes you could Jill! Come round and I will give you a lesson.

Rachael, the best book to get is called The Missing Manual, it's great. Also, go to as she has some great PSE tutorials :)

Lisa Ransom said...

Wow, Rachael! those pics look fab! the lo's i was referring to earlier are from the 2nd ed. of the complete scrapbooking handbook (its published by the same people as SBM but is exclusive to WHS)
Lisa x

nat said...

Wow! Those pictures are lovely! Thats a lovely photo of your daughter!

ps. it's njmacs from UKS - hope you don't mind me dropping by.