Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amazing Holiday!!

Well what can I say, Hong Kong is an amazing place!! We have had an amazing week away and seen some amazing sights.
On on our arrival at the hotel this is the view we were greeted with in our room, it was breathtaking. The photo doesn't really show it off properly as it was dark outside.

The view from our window on the plane.

On our first day we caught the star ferry across the harbour to Hong Kong Island and then caught a bus to Aberdeen. It was fascinating just looking at the surroundings on our way there, so different from home. Aberdeen used to be a little fishing village, we took a ride on a sanpan around the harbour which was well timed as the heavens opened and it absolutely poured!! We went for lunch on the Jumbo floating restaurant, I expected the inside to be a bit like a giant canteen but it was really plush and the food was lovely.

After going to Aberdeen we caught another bus to Stanley, the journey there was rather hairy!! We had a lovely walk around the town and then the market where i picked up a few little pressies for the girls. The sky started to get very dark and then the heavens opened again but this time even heavier!! We were going to find a bus back but decided to pile into a taxi quickley to get out of the rain.

Day 2.
It was really sunny when we got up so decided to go up to the peak, we caught the ferry across again and then took the escalators up to the mid levels, they were quite weird but a great idea. basically they are escalators that are outside that take you up the hillside on hong Kong Island. The views from the peak were absolutley stunning.

Inside the peak building to get up to the top you had to use more escalators again with amazing views!!

Health and safety gone mad!

Day 3.
This was my favourite day. We got the MTR to Lantau Island and then caught the cable car up to the giant buddha. The views from the car were breathtaking and I wasn't as nervous about the height as I had thought I would be.

Justin and I at the foot of the Buddha.

From the Buddha we walked to the Wisdom Path, it was so tranquil there it was beautiful.

In the little shopping area there was a shop that sold nothing but chop sticks. Justin bought a pair for himself and some for Rebecca, it wasn't until I had taken two photos of all the chopsticks that I saw the sign that said "no photographs"....oops!!

The view from our cable car on the way down.

When we got back down from the Buddha we decided to go to a small fishing village called Tai O, we tried to find a ferry to take us there but ended up in a taxi which was actually really interesting as we saw alot more of the island and the driver pointed out a few areas of interest.
The village was fascinating, all the little houses were built on stilts.

One of the shops in Tai O selling dried fish. It was really something walking down the narrow streets and seeing how they lived there everyday lives.

We did manage to find the ferry to take us home so we saw a different side of the Island.

I won't bore you with anymore photos until next time!!!


Claire aka Feline said...

Fab...lots of lovely shots and sounds like you had a fun packed week, you both looked liked you really enjoyed the break xx

Jill said...

Just fabulous Rachael!

Rachel said...

awesome photos rachael so pleased you had a nice time, cant wait to see what you do with them xx

Anonymous said...

Oh that really takes me back! We lived in mid-levels whilst the escalator was being built. I used to love taking a trip to Stanley Market :)

kjjc said...

fab photos Rachael.

Judith said...

They are no way boring, it looks and sounds like you had a magical time. Cant wait to see more and the scrapping that comes from it. x

LadyBug said...

Looks like you had the most amazing time. there's a little something for you on my blog :)

Angie said...

Wow ...what an amazing place ... you must really be enjoying your time together. Love the photos