Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hong Kong part 2

Thought I would post the second installment of our Hong Kong trip, I spent ages the other day choosing what photos to get developed. I finally narrowed it down to 208 so lots of scrapping material!! Here are a few of the last few days of our holiday.
On the Wednesday we caught the ferry across to Macau which used to belong to the Portuguese until 1999 (I think) when it was handed back to the Chinese, the buildings were lovely very different from Hong Kong. It was a really really hot day and we somehow managed to get ourselves lost. I really struggled as I had been up for most of the Tuesday night unwell so started the day dehydrated and tired. I kept coming over all faint and having to sit down which was a shame. Still a really enjoyable day though.

This was one of many shops selling meats, the front of this display is out on the street and bearing in mind it was mega hot I didn't fancy eating any of this!!

Me at the ruin of St Pauls, it was literally just the front of the church that was left standing.

I just had to take a photo of these electric cables, I don't think they are big of health and safety in Macau!!

The view from our hotel when we got back from macau, the first day where the sky was clear blue sky. It was such a breathtaking view, I was really sad to leave it.

On Thursday we had a great day, we started off with a bit of shopping at the harbour View shopping centre, it was set right on the edge of the harbour and the views from it were amazing. They definiely like their designer shops over there all a bit out of my price range!! Had to have a photo taken in this little armchair though :)

After shopping we went to Kowloon park, it was a lovely green space in amidst the tower blocks. The little turtles were so cute. After our walk around Kowloon we decided to go for a foot massage, it was soooooo relaxing I just wish we had had more time as I would have loved a back and shoulder massage.
A junk in Hong Kong harbour, quite a sight especially when we saw them at night.

The view from the Harbour View shopping centre!!!
Well that is the end of my holiday photos, couldn't bore you with all 208 that I choose. I don't usually scrap many holiday snaps but I am really looking forward to creating some pages with these photos. It really was an amazing holiday and would defiitley recommend it to anyone :)


kjjc said...

some fab photos there Rachael. Love all those electric wires.

Jill said...

Really love your photos Rachael. I would say it was definitely worth another visit!

Sarah said...

WOW, Looks like a fabulous Holiday.
Much braver than i would be on the cable cars - how high - makes me shudder to think about it.
Look forward to seeing the LO's.

Kazzy said...

Wow, great photo's, and what a fabulous holiday...lucky you!
Looking forward to seeing some great layouts with these!