Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lots of Pretty Paper

It was my turn to post on the new look Sarah's Cards blog yesterday, I focused on how you can create beautiful scrapbook pages using gorgeous patterned papers and very little else.

One of my favourite manufacturers at the moment is Websters Pages, I love that each piece of paper has so many different elements that can be cut out and used to create the layout. Speaking to other scrappers I found that a lot of them loved the look of the Websters Pages papers but just didn't know how to go about using them so I decided to do a photographic step by step guide using their Hollywood Vogue collection. All the details can be found over on the Sarah's Cards blog.

Another manufacturer that is particularly good at the moment is Pink Paislee, I absolutely loved working with their butterfly garden range and for the blog I used the Daily Junque range. Again there are some amazing elements that can be cut out and used to build your page.

There are more close ups and details over on the shop blog if you fancy a closer look. I have totally fallen in love with Bakers Twine, it is so easy to use and comes in such a great variety of colours, I love it!

On a non scrapping note thank you all for my birthday wishes, I have to say being 40 isn't all that bad lol. I got Justin to take a few photos of me so that I can create a page documenting life at 40, I used the stickers on the fingers again, if it works why change it! lol.

Walking back from our meal on Monday night I took some photos of Rebecca on the beach, when we had finished she ran up the beach towards me so I carried on clicking away and got this shot. We were all in stitches when we saw it, it just about sums her up she is so funny.

When Rebecca was little she always wanted one of those electric childrens cars, she never got one but our elderly neighbour has got an electric buggy. As a treat he let her take it out for a spin lol she absolutely loved it and we had quite a few giggles on our way round. I was amazed how fast they went, I had to literally run to keep up with her!

We picked up Emily's prom dress on Wednesday, she had to try it on as soon as we got in, I just love the colour on her, she is going to look stunning! I can't wait for the prom night now!!

Justin and I had a lovely walk around the Island on Thursday, the views never fail to amaze me. Justin took charge of the camera for a bit and took this photo which I actually quite like (I usually hate photos of myself).

Thank you for stopping by.


Rachel said...

Love those pages, the photos are just gorgeous too, Emily's dress is beautiful, and the photo of you is lovely x

Gems said...

Love your pages, they are gorgeous. Wow Emily looks absolutely stunning in her dress, and lol Rebecca seems really funny xx

Louise said...

beautiful pages Rachael, love all the detail. Being 40 isn's so bad! good to hear you had a lovely day. Great photos too xx

Jill said...

I just love that post of yours on the Sarahs Cards Blog. I really love Websters but as you say, they aren't the most straight forward ones to use!

My oh my Emily looks so beautiful in that dress!

Jill x

sutty said...

Happy Birthday - and a beautiful page - love all the cutting. The photos are great - still not sure whether the one of your DD in the electric buggy or her running up the beach is my favourite - both made me smile :) My kids love getting a go on their Grannys buggy as a treat...tho they don't drive it yet :) She recently got a stair lift and everyone had to have a go on that too :D

Lesley said...

Your layouts are fabulous Rachael. I love your photos too and Emily's dress is stunning, my wedding dress was the same colour.

Julia said...

The black and white photo of you is fabulous - Justin has done a great job!

kjjc said...

Fabulous set of photos Rachael. Emily is so like you (her dress is fab)and Rebecca looks such a fun-loving girl.Being 40 is a lot better than being 50 so enjoy it-great photos of you by the way.

Handmade Hannah said...

Lovely layouts-you are so good with the intricate cutting! I hope that you enjoyed your birthday. I think the thought of the next big birthday is more scary than the reality. Your photographs are all lovely!

gwyneth said...

Wow love that dress. Emily looks absolutely beautiful in it.
Love the pages too and great instructions on SC bhop blog. Great photos and glad you enjoyed your " big" birthday !!