Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family Day Out

It is my 40th birthday tomorrow and we had planned some family days out but as usual the great British weather hasn't played ball! So we had to change our plans and find somewhere to go today where we could go inside if it rained, we chose Kingston Lacey which is a National Trust property. We actually had quite good weather, not much sunshine but no rain so we managed to have a lovely walk around the garden and it gave me a chance to get some lovely photos of the girls and my nephew Josh.
Tree huggers!

A while ago I took some photos of Rebecca against a lovely old brick wall, this isn't such a nice wall (I seem to have a bit of a thing for nice walls at the moment!) but I thought it was worth a few photos and I really like this one of Emily.

Emily outside the lovely old house.

On our walk we came across this gorgeous field of daisies, it was like a maze with pathways all through it so we didn't have to walk over the flowers to get in amongst them. It was a photographers dream and I could have spent ages taking photos of the girls there. There were so good all day and let me take loads of photos and didn't complain once!

Emily is very attached to her mobile phone!

Josh loved the long grass in the field but he thought it was their garden, his comment was "seriously, they need to cut the grass!" He does make me laugh.

Tomorrow the plan was to go to Brownsea Island but again the weather isn't meant to be great so not sure what we are going to do now :(


Ruth said...

Gorgeous photos Rachael, wishing you a wonderful birthday tomorrow and hopefully more stunning photos and memories to scrap

Eileen said...

Love those daisy photos especially - makes me think of that old Flake advert - now I will have the song going through my head all evening!

Hope you have a fabulous birthday tomorrow xx

Louise said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow....wishing you a lovely day and more fab photo opportunities. These ones are beautiful x

Jill said...

Great photos as always Rachael. Happy Birthday! Jill x

Bubbles said...

That photograph of Emily with her mobile phone looks like a catalogue shoot photo... very good!
Excellent photographs... as always. Just remember... you're not forty.... you are thirty-ten :)

Mel J said...

Happy birthday! These are great pics especially the brick and daisy background. Looked like a great day!

Sarah said...

Ooh, I love Kingston Lacey...haven't been for a while though. Lovely photos, can't choose a favorite!! Hope you are having a fabulous Birthday! xx

Jackie xxx said...

Happy 40th ... Hope you have had a lovely day.

Your got some great photos to scrap.

Have a fab day.


Jen said...

aw wow that daisy field is gorgeous!
sounds like a lovely day :)

Amanda said...

wonderful photos. I just love Emilys hair against the sea of grass & daises. Very pretty. Happy Birthday for today xx

Sarah said...

Absolutely beautiful pics Rachael. Your girls are so gorgeous xx

jennifer said...

These pictures are beautiful. I love kingston lacy, the gardens are so pretty. The photo of emily by the brick wall is really lovely. Her hair is so great, I'm very jealous of it. I like the pics in the long grass too. x

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