Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Craft Room Update

I was asked by a fellow scrapper over on UKS what my craft room looks like now, 6 months after its make over, so I said that I would take some photos.
 As you can see not a great deal of change! I have taken my cuttlebug off the expedit and now keep it on the desk which makes it much more accessible, I have also got more projects dotted around the room to decorate it.
 My punches seem to have multiplied drastically, I love using my circle punches so to save rummaging through my punch basket they now live on the mantle piece (in size order that sad?)
 My other punches have pretty much taken over three cubes now too, I don't like having them all piled in the basket as some of them are pretty heavy and I was worried that some might get damaged. They are also much easier to use stored like this.
My favourite new tool is my hot glue gun, I seem to use it on every project so I have set up a little corner just for that! I also do my water misting over here in the box.

My next purchase for the room is probably going to be something to store my distress inks in preferrably on the wall, I am using them more and more and would like to have them within easy reach, not that it is that hard to turn around and grab the box off the shelves really! lol.


Lisa said...

Great update Rachael, thanks:-D
I keep my distress inkpads in a drawer in my helmer drawers and punches are kept in drawers, just wish I could have them all out on display, I'm sure I would use them more!


Louise said...

ooh you're so lucky to have a gorgeous room :)

Jill said...

Your room always looks great and so tidy! Ummmm... wait til you see my tiny room! Jill x

Nat said...

What a lovely big room you have to work in Rachael...I'm very jealous because I miss my craft room greatly!!!! Having a space like that where everything is at reach really does help you be so more productive :) xxx