Thursday, February 25, 2010

School trip

Rebecca went on a school trip today to the Houses of Parliment, we had to get her up to school for 6.30 this morning which meant we were up way too early!
She has not long been home and has had a wonderful day, they got to sit in on a debate in both the house of commons and the house of lords. They also got to to into Westminster Hall which was apparantly very cold, big and dark. I sent her armed with a camera and she took these lovely photos.
At the doors to Westminster Hall

Self portrait.

She is really pleased with this photo of the London Eye, I have to agree she has taken a cracking shot!

Trafalgar Square



Sally said...

wow lovely pics, your daughter is clearly learning from her mum!! how nice :) xx

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great day! Lovely pics, expecially liking the London eye one!

LadyBug said...

Looks like you have a budding photographer there!!! what great photos! Love the london Eye shot the most i think.
also I'm liking the new blog header photo :)