Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a difference 3 years makes!

Back in August 2007 we went to @ Bristol and as usual I took lots of photos, last week we went back for a return visit and I wanted to recreate some of the original photos to see how the girls had changed. These two will definitley feature on a page soon!
Emily 2007

Emily 2010
I can't believe how much she has changed, she is definitely a young woman now.


Judith said...

Wow now thats a difference.
She is such a beautiful young lady.
You must be so proud. x
Looking forward to seeing the page. x

Mini said...

Lovely photos, Rachael.
Sue x

Jill said...

Yep she has changed a lot hasn't she! - She has still got that beautiful hair though! Jill x

Becky said...

My goodness! She looks so grown up - you must be so proud of her :)

gwyneth said...

Wow she has grown up so much in three years. She's such a pretty girl Rachael and all the photos have that lovely smile she has.
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with on an LO !

kjjc said...

oh boy she is quite the beautiful smiley young lady now isn't she? Fab photo and great idea to do the comparison.

Lou said...

All grown up!

This reminds me of my post here:

Louise said...

WOW she has really developed into a beautiful young woman hasn't she.