Monday, August 23, 2010

Favourite Photos

Hopefully if the sun puts in an appearance I can photograph the scrapping I have been doing and share it with you later but for now I thought I would show you my two favourite photos from our weekend away. I took them both on the return leg of an 11 mile walk so I was lucky that the girls were co-operative as they were both tired!

What looks like a helicopter in the distance to the right of Emily is actually a wasp homing in on Emily. I wish I had put the camera on continuous shoot as a couple of seconds later she was not quite as composed!
I have never edited my photos but have finally got around to getting an editing programe so I will have a go at removing the wasp but I think for the scrapbook page it is going to have to stay!


Jill said...

Meany! She wouldn't have forgiven you for a photo of her flailing about!!! Jill x

Sarah said...

Great Photos! LOl @ the wasp, can just picture the panic secondas later!