Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Justin and I had a wonderful weekend in Barcelona, it is a gorgeous city and so hot ( I love the heat but Justin wasn't so keen!) I took my camera everywhere and ended up with in excess of 1000 photos!! A lot of them aren't any good but there are some worthy of putting on a scrap book page I just need to go through them all. When I have done it I will post more on here.
We met an American couple on one of the days and they took this photo of the two of us together just to prove that we actually did go together. That is the problem when there is just two of you, it is very hard to get photos as a couple.

When I choose scrapbook papers I always seem to go for papers that are quite girlie, I guess that has got a lot to do with having two girls! Sarahs Cards July kit isn't very girlie but I absolutley loved it, such a gorgeous combination of colours and it worked perfectly with photos of the girls.


jennifer said...

Gorgeous layouts, I love the 'beautiful' one. And the colours of that kit are really nice, good for all kinds of pages.

Glad you had a good time in barcelona, I'd love to go there. I'll look forward to seeing your photos. x

kjjc said...

Love these layouts Rachael. Lovely photo of you and Justin-now we know who Rebecca looks like.Can't wait to see your los of Barcelona.

Lisa said...

your DDs are growing so fast! as Karen said, can't wait to see the lo's of Barca!

Jill said...

So pleased that you had a great trip Rachael. Love that picture of you and Justin.

Wonderful scrapbook pages as always! Jill x

Janice xxxx said...

wow, love that 3rd layout - one of the best I've seen for ages.

Becky said...

Pleased that you had a great trip - agree with you about couple photos when you are just the two of you - Hugh and I used the self timer lots when we were away in Portugal this year!