Sunday, July 25, 2010

Barcelona Photos.

I won't bore you with too much blurb or too many photos but I thought I would show you a bit of what we saw in Barcelona last weekend. It seems like as age ago already!
Barcelona is famous for, amongst other things, its architecture particularly that of Guadi. I have to say it is like nothing I had ever seen before, I felt a bit like I was in a Dr Suess book it was so amazingly wacky! This is one of the houses that he designed, the facade is just stunning and the inside is amazing too.

This was one of my favourite places that we visited, Parc Guell, which again has a lot of Guadi architecture. Apparantly the park was meant to be a residential development of 70 homes but only 3 plots sold (1 to Guadi himself) and then the owner died. The government bought the site and it is now a public park.
Justin and the mosaic snake at the entrance to the park.
It seemed really strange to have a beach and marina in a city, there were loads of mullet and jelly fish in the water.There were two of the buoys in the marina, I thought they were great.
The lift in our hotel was full of mirrors which were great for playing with my camera, I managed to get a couple of photos of the two of us together using the mirrors!

A lot of people had told us to look out for the human statues, there were loads! Some of them weren't very good but some of them were amazing. I took loads of photos of them but here is one to give you an idea, I thought he was pretty good!
Another photo of the marina.

I will try and pop a few more photos of the architecture on here over the next few days, there were so many interesting and beautiful buildings. I know that everyone who has been to Barcelona raves about it and I can see why now it really is a beautiful city and there is so much to see and so much going on around you all the time.


Nikki said...

wow, what an amazing place Barcelona is an you took some fab pics.... so glad you had a nice time xxx

kjjc said...

lovely pics. Thanks for sharing Rachael.

Jill said...

What a fantastic place! Just love that human statue, he is brilliant! Jill x

Serendipity (Christine) said...

Lovely pictures. Barcelona is fab -I find myself drawn back to it time and time again. Las Ramblas with all the flowers is a favourite :-)

Lorraine said...

It is on my list of places to visit I just love your photos

Julesaroony said...

Great pics - glad you managed to visit Parc Guell! Love the statue too!