Monday, June 1, 2009

Chessington and Legoland!!

We had such a great weekend away I thought I would share a few of the 522 photos that I took!!!! We left at lunch time on Friday and had a very slow crawl up the the Holiday Inn on the Chessington site, the hotel was lovely and the girls even had their own little part of the bedroom with their own TV we were very impressed!
Saturday was my birthday, no long 37 :( Had an amazing day in the Chessington park, because we were staying in the on site hotel we were allowed into the park 30 mins before other members of the public. It was great fun dashing from one ride to the next as quick as we could so we avoided the lines.

Sunday we went to Legoland, bit more of a sedate park with more family fun rides rather than hair raising rides.

Four excited kids!

Emily and I waiting on the landing for the others to join us for breakfast.

Beano land in Chessington, Emily and Eleanor getting very wet!

Beano land.

One of the things that Rebecca wanted to do was to walk through the spider monkey enclosure. They were selling bugs at 50p a time to feed the monkeys, they made £5 out of us. lol.

Rebecca, Emily and John on the Ramases Revenge. The ride span you upside down and got you drenched! I would say this was the scariest ride in the park, I didn't go on it but just watching the girls waiting to ride my heart was pounding. They absolutley loved it, I managed to capture this shot as they came up out of the water!!

Rather more sedate!! Legoland driving school for 6-13 year olds. All the kids had to attend a "lecture" on road safety and then were let loose out on the road, it was hilarious to watch some of there manavoures were so comical. Rebecca loved it, even though she did an illegal overtake she passed her test and got her licence.

Emily wasn't very thrilled with the Dragon ride. lol.

There was a very talanted lady doing charactures so we got one of each of the kids.

Four now very tired kids :)




rachel said...

wow fun photos, cant wait to see wot you do with them x

Jill said...

Rachael, it looks like a good time was had by all!!