Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bloom and Grow

A little while ago Sarah sent me some gorgeous papers to work with, they were from the MME Bloom and Grow range, I had the Bloom I used them to create this layout.

Back in November 2007 I did a layout based on this idea for each of the girls, it was an idea that I got from UKS. They are great layouts to look back on, I love the fact that the girls get to write their own answers on the page and it records their thoughts and handwriting. I thought it was about time that I did another one so I have started with one for Emily. I printed out the questions using microsoft office and lots of different fonts, then cut them into strips. Emily pracitsed her answers on some scrap paper first and then wrote it out in best on the layout. Some of her answers I have expanded on the back of the layout as she didn't really have enough room to explain her reasoning. For the question "what would you change about your life" she answered be rich, I thought she was going to say so she could buy something or spend loads but she carried on by saying she really wanted to help the children in Africa and if she was rich she could. I thought that was lovely and I felt very proud of her.


Jill said...

Really love this Rachael

LadyBug said...

Great Idea for a childs LO! so personal and lovely to look back at in years to come :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Love this. Great idea. Trouble is, my young teen would take 4 years to get round to doing the answers!!
And that balloon sculpture at the V&A in your last post - it's hand blown glass. Happened to be there the week it was installed and saw a display of it being assembled. Amazing.

angie said...

Love this layout- I have these papers to use but am a little stuck- am ffeeling a little more inspired having seent this.
Great idea for layouts- must try this with my two. xx

Pam said...

blog looks great Rachel-love the design you chose. Great LO too!