Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cyber Crop

Well the cyber crop is under way on the scrummy stash cafe blog! I have put together my first class which feels a bit weird really, hopefully those that do it will enjoy it!! Here is the layout that I have put together for it, the instruction on how to do it are on the Scrummy Stash Cafe blog.

Justin has gone to Birmingham to watch the cricket, he is back today having been away since Thursday. They wore grass skirts and bras.......I always thought that cricket was a sensible game!!! Think he has had a good time anyway, there were 8 of them that went, a right lads time away.

Emily has been camping out in a friends garden for the last two nights so I haven't seen her since Thursday! We have had so much rain I am not sure how they will have got on, I am sure they will have loved it and she will bring me back lots of muddy washing to prove how much!

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