Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another update!!

Gosh another update on the same day....unheard of!

My challange has gone live on the SSC blog now, I decided to tie it in with my class and get people to use some of the same techniques on their own creation.

I have also just finished Angie's class layout, don't think I have ever done so much scrapping in one weekend!! She has put together a great class using a technique that I had never thought of, paper piercing. I didn't manage too much of it as I get a lot of pain in my thumb joint I think from years of drawing up IV drugs at work, the NHS has a lot to answer for!!! Anyway really enjoyed this class and I even used Angie's title as well. Like Mother Like Daughter, Emily and I don't really look alike yet our personalities are very similar. We are both quite shy and hate to draw attention to ourselves. I have to say I am sure I was never as stroppy as she is though, bless her :)

I have used cosmo cricket honey pie papers

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Penny aka Pennyk said...

Just beautiful- love it!