Monday, November 7, 2011

Craft Room Storage

For a long time I have been trying to find some suitable storage for my mists, paints, embossing powders etc but there just didn't seem to be anything on the market. Justin said he would make me some (he is very capable but absolutely hates DIY so this was a momentous occassion! lol) so we bought the wood, he cut it all up and I spent hours painting every little piece. That is as far as that project has got!
So last week I was browsing Ebay and came across a gentleman who was selling spice racks that he made himself. They looked like the perfect storage solution except that the space between each shelf was only 4.5inches, not high enough to accommodate mists. I contaced the seller, Duncan, and asked if he could make one to specific measurements which he did and a few days later it was delivered. I am so pleased with the result and it is perfect for what I want and at £25 a bargain! I think it might have to get altered but for the moment the bare wood is fine.

(Rebecca wrote me the I love you note so I had to stick it in pride of place.)

I might even have to buy another one as I have just bought a load of new mists and paints from Papermaze in the 50% off sale!

I have just had my first copy of Scrap 365 drop onto the mat, I have to say on first glance through it is looking good! Off to have a proper read now.

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Jill said...

Err.... Justin wouldn't go into production would he, I could do with one of those! After all when you have made one it would be easy to make another one!! Jill x