Monday, June 21, 2010

Little Cutie

I really wish I had discovered scrapping years ago when the girls were small, I always took quite a few photos but I am sure if I was a keen scrapper I would have a lot more photos of their early childhood to draw on.

I found this gorgeous photo of Rebecca when I was looking through an old photo album, after much searching through my rather large drawer of old photos I managed to find the negatives and had a copy taken off. Looking at her now you would never believe she had been so blonde when she was little.
I bought this overlay from Sarahs Cards and it is just like a sheet of embroidery, I started by laying it over the patterned paper but it just didn't show it off enough. Cutting the patterned paper into a frame and laying the overlay on top meant that a large section of the overlay was clearly visible. The overlay is held in place with a line of stitching around the inside of the frame.

I am off for a weekend of scrapping on Friday and I can't wait! It is relatively local as well which is even better, only about an hours drive away so hopefully I will have lots of layouts and photos to share with you next week.


jennifer said...

beautiful layout. my daughter is really blonde but we are both brunettes, so I'm sure her hair will darken eventually too!

Jill said...

Oooh now isn't that just gorgeous. Love the photo and all those flowers are sooo pretty. Jill x

Elaine said...

Gorgeous lo such a little cutie. I love what you have done with this lo. Enjoy your weekend of scrapping xx

Jane said...

that's a lovely layout, I wish I had more photos of my 4 children

Becky said...

Love this layout and I agree with you, wish I had discovered scrapbooking when my two were small! I do have quite a lot of photos of when they were small, but I would take them a lot differently now lol