Monday, October 12, 2009

GoGo challange

The GoGo Getaway is getting very close now, only two and a half weeks to go! Lorraine and Janice have set up a forum where we can chat to all our fellow gogoers and we have been put into teams, I am in the Zircons! I know it sounds like something out of star trek, I am sure it is a trekie convention in disquise really. All the girls I have chatted to sound lovely and I am really pleased to be in the same team as Angie and Chloe both of whom I have met before.
We have been set some challanges over the last couple of weeks, Nicola set one to do a layout with the title beginning with the letter "Z". I also set myself a mini challange to put my effort together in under an hour, a layout usually takes me over a day to put together and sometimes I think that I over think things. So here is my double challange layout all put together in under an hour!

The photo is of my nephew Josh in 2003, we took him up to see Grandma Great and he happily sunggled into Rebecca and fell asleep curled up in her lap, he looked so cute.



Jill said...

Aww really cute photo and lovely colours Rachael. 'Z' is quite a difficult one isn't it!

LadyBug said...

Beautiful LO! such pretty papers and I love how you have used a mixture of Z's.