Thursday, September 10, 2009

Saunton Sands

Thought I would share some photos from our weekend at Saunton Sands, we had an amazing weekend despite it being a bit cold and windy!! We had gone there last year to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary and my Mums 60th birthday.
We got there on Friday afternoon and went straight down onto the beach, it was very windy but the girls loved it. The new baywatch babes, just need the Hoff now lol.

In our compliments box in our rooms was the most yummy hot chocolate, my morning routine was to make a cuppa and then sit and watch the surfers out of our window. Rebecca thought it was a good idea so joined it too!

On Saturday we went back down onto the beach and Emily found little Benny the Blenni (Benni wasn't harmed in the taking of this photo!!)

Why is it that one of the girls always manages to either close their eyes or not smile on a photo that would have otherwise been lovely!!

On Sunday went to Crealy, in the animal corner they had the most adorable puppies which were for sale, Emily fell in love instantly with this littl fella. He kept coming over to see her and nibbling her fingers. As you can imagine all the way home we were nagged about buying him......the answer was NO!



Fluffy said...

some beautiful pics I especially love the fishy one!

Jill said...

What gorgeous photos Rachael. I love the photo of all of you at the beginning of your blog and can't believe how Rebecca and Emily are looing so grown up.

Rachel said...

i nagged my mother for 9 years until i got a dog, tell her to hang in there lol, love photos thou x

Judith said...

Love the photo of the girls running on the beach, the light glistening off the water is fab. How could you say no, she must be heart broken. x