Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Recharged Batteries

At the weekend I went down to Sidmouth to the Sidholme Hotel to the scrapaholics retreat, it was fantastic!! I knew two of the girls, Jill and Linda as we are all on the same UKS team. All of the girls were just so lovely I felt at home straight away. The hotel was a big old house built around the mid 1800's I think, it did seem to be stuck in a time warp but that just added to the enjoyment of the weekend as I really felt that I had stepped out of the rat race.....bliss!! It was so lovely not to have to think about the cooking, cleaning and sorting the kids, I could have stayed all week.
I managed to get quite a bit of scrapping done although I wasn't quite as productive as some, too much chatting probably!!

The hotel entrance hall.

The chapel which was inside the house, it had the most gorgeous windows.

One of the windows and me!

On the Sunday morning a few of us decided to go down to the sea which was only a 10 minute walk, it was freezing cold and the sea was very rough. We walked along a narrow path with a cliff on one side and the sea on the other, it was definitley a case of dodge the crashing waves!! Jill and Linda didn't quite manage to dodge one particular wave and their legs got rather wet.

Jill running the gauntlet!!

Lisa getting a bit worried!!

Jill and Linda after their encounter with the wave!

The three blooming pages girls
I did 5 layouts in total which isn't bad for me, I'm not the fastest scrapper in the south west! Jill gave me a demo on a cricut, I had never seen one being used before so it was really good to have a play and I have to say I am converted and now absolutley need one!! Justin has said that I can buy one but I am struggling to part with the cash at the moment, I know that isn't like me. I want to get the cricut expression and I have seen a good package deal for £389 and then I also want to get the deep cut blade and storybook cartridge so it would all come to about £450 which is a lot of money even when you say it quickley!!!

Emily at Saunton Sands in September

Rebecca on holiday in Cormwall in August


beksynormz said...

Love the layouts Rachael, glad you had a great time, I'm jealous would love to go on a retreat!! xx

Claire aka Feline said...

Now don't you lot look like you're having fun...hmmm I don't see much scrapping going on lol xx