Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy few days

The weekend has come and gone all too quickley, on Saturday we went to Wells to visit my Aunty. As a child I often went to stay for holidays with my cousins and hadn't been for a walk around the city for about 16 years so it was lovely. It is such a beautiful city and so much going on for such a small place, it was quite funny as I was half expecting the characters from Hot Fuzz to appear. We found the Somerfield and went in to get my Aunty some flowers, when Justin paid he got out his wallet which has got his warrent card in and the lady commented "here come the Fuzz" think it made Justins day he loves that film!!

After our trip to Wells we went to Street for a bit of retail therapy. Managed to pick up some lovely bits. Emily got herself a jumper from Henri Lloyd which they put in a large bag so we put all our other bits in the same bag. Emily accidently left the bag on the floor in Monsoon, by the time we realised and went back the assistants had given the bag to another family thinking it belonged to them as they had lots of other bags from that shop!!! Emily was beside herself as most of the shopping was hers, we didn't get the bag back but Justin went to Henri Lloyd to see if the bag had been handed in and they felt so sorry for Emily that they gave her another jumper. I thought that was really good of them.

Moral of the story, give all the shopping to Justin to carry in future!!!

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